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Spyware can be installed on your computer without your knowledge and can use keystroke logging techniques to collect passwords you enter, your bank account numbers and PINs, your credit card numbers, and other personal information. This type of identity theft can be costly and very time consuming to rectify.

A related category of software, adware, may cause pop-up advertisements to appear on your screen, change your home page, disrupt your network access, and reduce the stability and usability of your system. The products mentioned below can help you detect, remove, and protect your computer from both types of attack.

Real-time Keystroke Viewing

View user keystrokes in real-time via your web-browser.

Real-time Desktop Remote Viewing

Remotely view your computer in real-time from anywhere.

Manage Logs

View, clear, and archive SpyAgent’s activity logs.

Instant Activity Alerts

Receive notifications via email when unwanted behaviors occur.

Control Monitoring

Start and Stop SpyAgent’s monitoring process from your account.

Top 10 best spy software service in coimbatore

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