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PC turnup service in coimbatore

You depend on your PC to perform efficiently, whether at home or at your business. If your computer has been running slow or having other computer challenges, take advantage of this money-saving offer to identify the source of the problem

  • Scan for and repair viruses, malware & spyware variants
  • Check for and install critical windows & security updates
  • Check & install any updated hardware drivers
  • Remove unnecessary temp files
  • Remove unnecessary programs loading in startup
  • Scan & check hard drive for bad sectors and orphaned files
  • Install free anti-virus Software, and configure to scan automatically if needed.

PC Tune-Up Services is a remote service by Symantec that performs a virtual service on your computer with minimal input by the end-user. Therefore this is the perfect service for those consumers who are having computer problems and without regular maintenance, just like a car, computers begin to run sluggish if they are not properly cared for.

It should also be noted that this service has been targeted for users who are not computer gurus and best of all, this service is a fraction of the cost that some computer stores may charge to get your system running like new again.

PC turnup service price in coimbatore
best PC turnup service in coimbatore
  • Optimize operating system performance
  • Remove unnecessary startup programs
  • Delete temporary files
  • Clean interior including fans and heat sink with compressed air
  • Scan all drives, email, and external media
  • On-site or in-store service
  • Repair damage to Operating System

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