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The wired network service is provided by the Palies at offices, student living  areas and some classrooms. As IEEE 802.1X port based authentication is implemented for network access control, user needs to authenticate for connection. After successful authentication, the user computer will receive a dynamic IP address.

We provide Secure, Scalable and high-performance network solutions to our customers. To provide these solutions, we have certified engineers, skilled man power and qualified consultants to execute any large volume and complex networking projects.

We follow the methodology of


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If you have a need to expand your existing computer network, we can install more network drops to allow for any network growing pains you might experience. We provide quick, reliable service that is guaranteed to meet all of your critical needs We understand the critical nature of computer networks and will handle your project accordingly.

Our success depends on your satisfaction. Let us install, manage, and expand your computer network. We guarantee your satisfaction

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Networked computers in today’s technological world are almost a necessity. Whether you have several computers at home or if you are a business with many more computers in use, networking those computers via cable installation can offer many levels of functionality that can make your work so much easier. Sharing files, resources, and printers among a group of computers are a few of the niceties that come with networking your computers together.Whether you are experiencing problems with your existing network and cable installation or wanting a new network installed, we can handle your job. We specialize in the installation and management of residential and corporate computer networks of all sizes. We can install “network drops” and additional cable installation at existing locations or at locations that are in the construction phase.

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