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Palies works as an extension of your IT department—or as your complete IT department—to provide general maintenance and network administration after your network has been set up. We offer remote support services as well as regular site visits to take care of any problems may that arise.

Protect your investment! Palies offers Network Maintenance Services in Coimbatore that ensure your system has the support, security and protection required.

The Preventative Maintenance Package is an insurance program for your network. Our maintenance package provides services to optimize the use of your current technology and protect your resources against unpredictable events that can disrupt and shut down operations. Our regular check-up ensures your system is in good shape, eliminating costly or time-consuming repairs.

We recommend all clients have a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan in place. The Disaster Recovery Plan will minimize downtime in the event of a system failure and get you up and running again. As part of our Preventative Maintenance Package we prepare a complete report documenting your system information, and review your Disaster Recovery Plan each quarter to ensure it is consistent with any changes to your system.

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Your computer network is a collection of complex machines and software that communicate simultaneously, performing trillions of calculations and using hundreds of parts and wires. The computer network is also always under constant assault from the processing needs of applications, unwanted viruses and spyware, and their own users. Maintaining your computer network is important because there are many factors that can go wrong on a daily basis. Regular maintenance can keep the big problems away, while helping to maintain your networks optimal performance.

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