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Toner Refill in Coimbatore | Palies IT Services: Toner refilling is the practice of refilling empty laser printer toner cartridges with new toner powder. This enables the cartridge to be reused, saving the cost of a complete new cartridge and the impact of the waste and disposal of the old one.

Toner is a powder used in laser printers and photocopiers to form the printed text and images on the paper, in general with a toner cartridge. In its early form it was a mix of carbon powder and iron oxide. Then, to improve the quality of the printout, the carbon was melt-mixed with a polymer.

Common problems can include:

  1. Insufficient lubricant in the toner, leading to drum, developer unit or cleaning blade damage.
  2. Wrong melting point, leading to fouling in the fusing unit, print rubbing off, etc.
  3. Wrong electrostatic properties or particle size, leading to a dirty machine and poor quality print.
  4. Large amounts of loose toner in the machine can also cause fouling and damage to the mechanisms, and air filters can become clogged, causing overheating.

Toner Refill in Coimbatore, however, indicate that in most cases the cost benefits of refilling outweigh the possible disadvantages

Toner Refill Service in coimbatore
Toner Refill support Service in coimbatore

The following basic types of refill toner (differing mainly in particle size and fusing temperature) have been identified by one vendor while other refill vendors insist that each printer or copier model requires a unique type.

  1. HP, Canon printers
  2. Canon PC copiers
  3. IBM/Lexmark Optra and similar
  4. Epson EPL, NEC Silentwriter
  5. Xerox and Sharp
  6. Samsung and Lexmark Optra E
  7. Brother

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