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The Terminal Server service monitors the availability of the port, which the clients of the Terminal Services use to connect to the Terminal Services application. The availability of the port, which is determined by the service testing the port’s connectivity, indicates that the Terminal Services are able to connect to the Terminal Services application. This service also measures the domain name system (DNS) resolution and the round trip time of the initial connection request and response. The availability results of the TCP service are then reflected on the status dashboard for the Terminal Server service.

TCP Server Terminal Services allows users to access applications that are run on the server. Rather than running as independent computers, the clients that access Terminal Services act as dumb terminals. Throughout their session with the server, users run an environment that allows them to view and interact with programs that appear to run on the local computer but are actually running on the Terminal Services server located on the network.

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Terminal Services lets administrators install, configure, manage, and maintain applications centrally on a few servers.

This goes in hand with IT budgets and staffing. Managing software in a central location is usually much faster, easier, and cheaper than deploying applications to end-users’ desktops. Centrally-deployed applications are also easier to maintain, especially as related to patching and upgrading.

Running applications from one central location also can be beneficial for the configuration of desktops. Since a terminal server hosts all the application logic which also runs on the server, the processing and storage requirements for client machines are minimal.

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