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Laptop Battery Price in Coimbatore

Laptop Batteries

Batteries are an integral part of any electronic device, and this includes laptops. Most laptops use the lithium-style battery which is directly soldered either to the motherboard or the primary circuit board. Generally, laptop batteries last for about 2 to 10 years. Some factors which affect the battery’s lifespan are the length of time the laptop is in power off mode, the temperature of the environment, and the type of motherboard.

There is no universal battery that fits all models. Laptop batteries are model- and brand-specific. Pairing the right battery for the right model laptop is essential. A Dell battery will not suit an HP laptop. On the same lines, an Acer laptop needs an Acer battery. Between models of the same brand, at times, the same battery is compatible. With intensive usage, there is a need to replace batteries. When you buy laptop batteries, make sure that you note the date of manufacture.
It is easy to find suitable laptop batteries online. Refine your search based on the brand and laptop model you own. It’s always best to buy branded batteries. This makes sure that you are covered by a warranty.

Power Up with Laptop Batteries

When it comes to laptop batteries, there is no compromise. You should buy the batteries from the best brands, which suits all the requirements of your laptop. Add years to your laptop’s life by choosing the best laptop battery for it. The laptop battery should be consistent in performance and have a high usage and stand by time. It should also offer a quick charge and service life. If you travel a lot, you need to buy a laptop battery that is self-sufficient in its battery back up, so that you do not have to go looking for charging points while you are on your trips. If you buy a good laptop charger, you can be relaxed and carefree about completing your office work, watching your favorite movies or playing games on your laptop.

Use your laptop for long hours during your family vacations, business trips, or during office conferences easily with a cool range of laptop batteries only on palies.

A Wide Range of Choices

With top brands like Lenovo, HP and Dell, you can choose from the wide range of laptop batteries available at Snapdeal. And if you are looking for an old battery replacement, you can find genuine batteries for your laptop which will ensure that your laptop will get a good power back up, once it is fully charged. These batteries will help you to do all your activities seamlessly, without any interruptions. Available in a wide price range, you can easily choose the laptop battery which suits you the best.

Laptop Battery Price in Coimbatore
Laptop Battery Price in Coimbatore

Batteries For Dell Laptops

The 4400mAh Li-ion battery has 6 cells with a 2.5-hour battery life. Taking 3.5 hours to full charge, this battery is suitable for the Dell Inspiron series laptops. Then there is the battery for the 15R 5537 model, which carries the official Dell warranty of 90 days. The battery capacity is 5800mAh, with a good 4-hour active life. The battery for Vostro 2420 is an original 6-pack, with a capacity of 4400mAh. The battery is covered by a 3-month warranty.

Batteries For HP Laptops

HP batteries are designed to be long-lasting. The 3-year lifespan is usually backed by an awesome 3-year warranty. The longer lifespan translates to a lower rate of recycling. This 6 cell 4400mAh capacity perfectly fits quite a good number of HP laptop models. The Compaq Presario CQ40 laptop battery is a Lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 4400mAh. Offering a good 3-hour battery life of normal usage like surfing or PDF reading, the battery offers adequate backup for your HP laptop.
Enhance the performance of your laptop with the right battery. The battery life depends on the laptop usage. To derive maximum performance out of your laptop, ensure that you fit it with the appropriate battery.

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