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Palies converging as a main supplier of business and learning procedure administrations to customers.

Our prime center is to convey data management administrations to our customers, through an inventive system that improves administration conveyance along the worth chain.

Palies achieve spreads over the length and broadness of the nation.

Information the board is a managerial procedure that incorporates securing, approving, putting away, securing, and preparing expected information to guarantee the openness, unwavering quality, and practicality of the information for its clients.

Associations and undertakings are utilizing Big Data like never before to educate business choices and addition profound bits of knowledge into client conduct, patterns, and open doors for making uncommon client encounters.

Data Management in coimbatore

Data Quality

Data quality is an essential characteristic that determines the reliability of data for making decisions. Data is a valuable asset that must be managed as it moves through an organization. As information sources are growing more numerous and diverse, and regulatory compliance initiatives more focused, the need to integrate and access information from these disparate sources in consistent, trusted and reusable ways is also becoming critical.

Data integration

Data integration solutions from Palies offer enterprises a scalable data integration platform. Platform allows you to transform data in any style and deliver it to any system, supporting faster time to value and reduced IT risk. The integrated platform delivers a wide range of data quality capabilities from data profiling, standardization, matching and enrichment to active data-quality monitoring.

Data Federation

Data Federation is a virtual database that provide a common data model and access point for distributed and sources. Data Federation is the creation of a virtual database that aggregates data from distributed sources giving them a common data model.It is an approach  to data integration  that provides a single source of data  for front end applications.

Data Governance

Data governance is the overall management of availability, usability, integrity and security of data used in an enterprise. Many organizations have multiple business functions that generate data sets with no unified view.

Organizations can build a trusted, business- ready analytics foundation that streamlines Data Ops throughout the organization to accelerate digital transformation, enterprise modernization, AI and compliance initiatives at scale.


Data Replication

Data replication is a solution that provides trusted data integration and synchronization to enable you to efficiently manage data growth. It empowers your event-driven business by enriching big data systems and mobile applications through the use of real-time information, even capturing data that is constantly changing.