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In a comprehensive AMC, the analysis of breakdowns/faults in the hardware and repairing/service is taken care of by the service provider. This includes spare parts replacement. Apart from this, preventive maintenance is also done, on a pre-determined/agreed-to frequency. Note: It excludes all physical mishandling or damages.

System monitoring
Proactive monitoring of the hardware and operating system allowing us to pre-empt and prevent problems, meaning greater uptime and increased productivity. Our monitoring software automatically generates support tickets to instantly log errors and place them in the ticketing queue.

Standardised monitoring of the following;

Event Log critical errors
Anti-virus updates and services
Disk space
CPU Usage
Memory Usage
Network usage
Hardware Changes
Exchange monitoring
Excludes user training and advanced configuration.

Peripheral Devices

All standard network equipment is covered for troubleshooting, configuration and availability
including printer, scanner, fax, access points, UPS, backup devices. Seperate cover is available

  • VPN installation/maintenance
  • layer 2 and layer 3 switches
  • Backup (remote or local management)
  • Router
  • Firewall
Laptop AMC Support in Coimbatore
IT Solutions AMC services in Coimbatore

To provide Comprehensive AMC Support services for the devices mentioned below.

The maintenance of operating systems, software installation, installation of patches, pre-emptive actions against virus spread, detection / removal of virus, configuration of internet, configuration of applications (client/server) and client applications, Troubleshooting, Assembling and upgrading the PCs

Maintenance of all software already installed in the personal computers and peripherals and the software to be installed at later stage. Providing basic training on the use of PC to user, (if required).

The contract will be on comprehensive basis and the maintenance includes replacement of each and every malfunctioning part of Desktop PCs, printers and related items like Hard Disk, CD/DVD Reader/Writer, Motherboard, SMPS, processor, Keyboard, Mouse, Printer Heads, display card, all types of cable and Our First Priority is to Be Repaired of Part’s. For the best Comprehensive AMC Service in Coimbatore, contact Palies IT Services.

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