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Factors Affecting Computer Performance

Both your computer components and the maintenance you perform on it affect how well it performs. However, it’s also important to consider that one outdated or damaged part in an otherwise high-performing computer can prevent the other parts from working to their maximum potential. Keeping your computer updated, free of viruses and in good condition will help you get the best possible performance out of the machine.

  1. CPU Speed, cache and no of cores.
  2. RAM Size and Speed
  3. RAM frequency can also play role
  4. The RPM (rotations per minute) of a hard drive is also important.
  5. Type Of hard Drive place major Role. Its always recommended go with SSD

            A. 128/256/512GB SSD is always better and faster than the regular HDD.

            B.The new high-end laptops retail with an M.2 hard drive connection.

6. When it comes to graphics GDDR5 is always better than a GDDR3.

Latest Operating System

In addition to the hardware that runs on your computer having the latest operating system can have a significant impact on your overall computer’s performance. As new technologies are introduced for them to be fully supported by a computer, the operating system must also be written to interact with those new technologies. Although today’s operating systems release updates to support new technologies, older operating systems may not receive these updates. For example, a computer with Windows XP  will run slower than a computer with  Windows 10 because it not only supports all the latest hardware, the computer also has more recent technology.

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Using the latest technologies

A computer that is using the latest technologies is going to be much faster than a computer that is using older technologies because new technology always increases the speed and efficiency. If you’re using a computer that is 10+ years old, it’s going to be much slower than a computer that is less than a year old because it is using the latest technologies. For example, a SATA SSD (mentioned earlier) in a computer today will run much faster than a 5400 RPM IDE hard drive.