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The monitor incorporates attractive design and premium finishes for a high-class look and feel. From the perfectly crafted brushed-metal stand (we smooth its edges with diamond cutters to make it beautiful) to the glossy rear panel and stylish aluminum front framing, the H7 exudes design excellence and quality.

A display technology that creates deeper levels of black and white contrast, giving you a greater level of immersion through realistic image recreation. Using scalar chip decoding and mapping technology, the Edge-lit LED panel, and global dimming functionality,

Looking at traditional monitors for long periods can strain your eyes because of these monitors often “flicker” imperceptibly, radiate blue light, reflect background light, and shine too brightly. New monitors help your eyes with a built-in blue-light filter, Flicker-less technology (reduces flickering)

Getting one of the best gaming monitors for your PC set-up is essential. There’s really no point having one of the best graphics cards inside your rig if the display you’re using is substandard. However, when it comes to gaming monitors, the term ‘best’ can mean a bunch of different things. While some of the more premium models have it all, you often need to decide whether refresh rate and response rate are most important to you; or whether it’s panel type (IPS/TN/VA); or whether you really need a 4K screen, or curved, or ultrawide. There’s plenty to consider, and the types of games you play most should dictate your decision here.

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