Improved Productivity

Unmonitored servers and networks could lead to serious crises and perhaps productivity loss. When there’s proactive monitoring, you prevent the occurrence of unexpected emergencies and protect your systems from random disasters. You will also be able to enhance your client’s productivity through examining reports – check inadequate and outdated equipment and ensure constant upgrades to further the business.

Enhanced Reliability

Identifying and rectifying minor issues before they get worse should be your company’s main priority. If your organization can address and resolve small errors, your clients will have minor complaints about their IT systems. As such, make sure you update your clients with the status of their network and the overall services you provide through detailed monitoring reports. This builds trust and partnership and establishes your credibility as a service provider.

Keep Antivirus Software Up-to-date

Antivirus software is vital and every PC should be protected but having antivirus software installed isn’t the end of your IT security – it needs to be up-to-date and working as intended. Some office staff can ignore important warnings from antivirus programs, mistakenly thinking that the system is just doing its job. It is important to check out these issues and make sure you are running the latest version of your antivirus software, as an infection could cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to fix – and can have a devastating effect on productivity.

Maximize Software Efficiency

Computers age and over time they start to slow down – software packages that performed quickly and efficiently to begin with, can become sluggish and have a negative impact on productivity. Because this slowdown has occurred over many years, the computer user may have grown used to the issue and may think that it is normal. It’s not normal, and at Palies we do regular checks to ensure your software is running to its maximum efficiency – often the answer is just a slight hardware modification or a quick clean out of programs that are no longer needed; if the issue is more complicated, however, we can investigate and advise on a range of suitable options.

Faster Speed

Defragmenting your hard drive, running spyware and virus removal programs as well as installing the latest drivers and software updates are all computer maintenance tasks that help keep your computer running at top speed. Don’t forget the Windows updates if you are running that system. Not only do these updates help your computer run more efficiently, but they help close any recent security holes.

Protection Against Threats

Keeping your spyware and anti-virus programs updated and running on a regular basis is essential to keeping threats at bay. You may never realize you have any spyware or viruses on your computer, but they could be there wreaking havoc in the background by stealing your personal information and transmitting it to third parties, destroying your files, or even making your computer unusable. Most spyware and anti-virus programs can be set up on a schedule so that they run automatically on your chosen day and time.

Prevention of Data Loss

Arguably, the prevention of data loss is the top benefit of obtaining the services of a professional. Data loss is not uncommon when a person attempts to fix a computer by themselves. For instance, they might format the drive containing important data during the installation of their operating system or perhaps damage the hard drive if they are trying to resolve a hardware issue.

A professional will ensure that your data remains safe while repairing your device. For example, if your computer contains viruses or malware, they’ll put the effort into extracting your data from your hard drive to a different computer. Similarly, if there is an issue with your hard drive, they will try to repair the drive to retrieve your data from the drive. However, there are many cases where salvaging your data is not possible, thus always ensure to create a timely backup of your files to remain on the safe side.


Most people attempt to handle the repairs by themselves as they presume that a professional computer repair will rip them off by charging a high amount of fees. However, most professionals charge reasonable prices and any extra cost they may charge will relate to the electric competent that requires repair or replacement.

Taking a DIY route may prove to be more expensive, especially when you do not have the sound knowledge of computer systems as you might damage any hardware component or perform an incorrect installation, which may lead to additional costs, sometimes greater than what you would have paid to a professional.